Will Stevens, "The Princess" aka Swampy

Age on the Tour : 26

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 91kg

Strength: 80

Super Powers: 35

William went to Art School in Oxford, where he studied sculpture. Shortly afterwards he left Britain and spent eighteen months working as a courier in the snow and ice of Montreal. Here he saw tall bikes for the first time, in a jousting match at the 2005 Cycle Messenger World Championships. And so the TB seed was sown. After returning from North America, he studied at the Prince's Drawing School in London, then moved to Aberystwyth - a place he'd and admired when passing through on TBTB - in order to concentrate on painting. 


Ed Stevens, "The Manager" aka Edi Drums

Age on the Tour : 24-25

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 90kg

Strength: 70

Super Powers: 50

Despite being knocked off his BMX in a near-tragic accident in 1991, Edward has always enjoyed cycling. London Bus and Underground journeys became a thing of the past for Edward when, at the age of fifteen, he began cycling ten miles a day to school. Two wheels were also his mode of transport in Leeds whilst studying at the university there. After leaving school he taught English for twelve months in Honduras and, later, lived in Fès Morocco for a year. His knowledge of Arabic was useful only once during the Tour, when conversing with the Syrian owner of Zak's Kebabs in Llandudno.