Ed on Storm Petrel with Frank (Tall Bike nephew) and Maisie (Tall Bike niece)
(Highbury, London, 26th March 2006)

With Jo & Chet, The Highbury Twins, on day of departure
(Buckingham Palace, London, 1st April 2006)

Louis, our first and youngest coast host
(Deal, Kent, 3rd April 2006)

Emlin, a pedestrian, who spent three years riding from New York to Anchorage on a unicycle
(Brighton, East Sussex, 6th April 2006)

Elspeth (aged 96) outside her home with Manx Shearwater.
(West Wittering, West Sussex, 7th April 2006)

John Hobson, who paddled from Grimsby to Land's End in a home-made kayak aged fifteen
(Freshwater, Isle of Wight, 9th April 2006)

Lady Carew Pole outside her home, Antony House
(Antony, Cornwall, 18th April 2006)

Tony Liddecoat, who rode 120 miles every Sunday, around Cornwall on a fixed wheel bicycle, and "never once got off to push"
(Helston, Cornwall, 24th April 2006)

Paul Harvey, who spent ten months walking over 7,000 miles around the coast of Britain
(Portreath, Cornwall, 26th April 2006)

>> see also www.awalkaroundbritain.com

Leamas, first London friend to join the Tour
(Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, 30th April 2006)

Alwyn Jones, who took twelve days to ride around the coastline of Wales when aged 58
(Ferryside, Camarthenshire, 9th May 2006)

Antony Humphreys, who rode around the coast of Britain in four weeks, aged 18, "without stopping"
(Ravenglass, Cumbria, 4th June 2006)

Antony Berretti, who drove around Europe in a car powered by sunflower oil
(Newton Stewart, Dumfries & Galloway, 8th June 2006)

Brian, a bike messenger in Glasgow since 1990
(Blytheswood Square, Glasgow, 15th June 2006)

David Hay Thorburn, 2003 World Champion of Le Trek cross-country horse racing
(Brenfield farm, Ardrishaig, Argyll, 21st June 2006)

Harry Westerbroek touring Scotland on a bike so loaded with posessions, we couldn't lift it
(Kylesku, Sutherland, 21st July 2006)

Elke, who had ridden from the northern tip of Norway on a motorbike so overloaded, it was taller than her
(Thurso, Caithness, 25th July 2006)

Elizabeth Kinnear, whose late brother was the road racing champion of Scotland
(Lamb Holm, Orkney, 26th July 2006)

Lord Thurso, Chieftain of the Hallkirk Highland Games.
(Halkirk, Caithness, 28th July 2006)

Evan Oliphant & Kevin Barclay, Commonwealth track racing champions
(Halkirk, Caithness, 28th July 2006)

Gommers and Leonie Van den Broeck who left Belgium in June 2006 to spend four years cycling around the world on recumbents
(Thurso, Caithness, 29th July 2006)

Sandy & Catriona Taylor, the two youngest cyclists to master the Storm Petrol
(Montrose, Angus, 7th August 2006)

Richard Willis, a couple of months from completing construction of his own Penny Farthing
(Kingsbarns, Fife, 8th August 2006)

Aelfred of Edinburgh and Maude of Montreal, preparing to ride the length of the Danube on their tandem
(Edinburgh, 13th August 2006)

Corrado Filipponi who kayaked the length of the Mississippi and the Yangtze rivers, supporting Slovenian swimmer Martin Strel
(North Berwick, East Lothian, 14th August 2006)

Lee Wakefield, the next big thing in recumbent trike racing
(Grimsby, Lincolnshire, 24th August 2006)

'Wobbly John' with his self-built articulated bike, beneath a wonky window
(King's Lynn, Norfolk, 27th August 2006)

Tony Brockman, an independant, triple-decker tall bike builder
(Southend, Essex, 31st August 2006)

Gethen Jones, Blue Peter presenter
(BBC Studios, London, 18th September 2006)

The Leicester Tall Bike contingent
(Spokesfest, Leicester, 8th September 2006)